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How It Works

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Shop & Make a Selection

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Select Auto-Ship & Add to Cart

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Enjoy Savings & Reliable Shipping

NorthShore adult diapers and incontinence products

5% discount starts on the second order

Managing Deliveries

How to Manage Auto-Ship Deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions
Most products qualify for Auto-Ship. If eligible, the option to Save 5% with Auto-Ship will appear below the price on the product's page.
At this time we only accept credit cards for Auto-Ship orders.
Modifications to the shipment or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the order date.
Yes, under "My Account" you're able to deactivate and reactivate your subscription order at any time.
Yes, under "My Account" you can skip the next shipment and it will not be shipped.
The 5% discount begins after the first order in the program.
Yes, you can apply any NorthShore-specific coupons to Auto-Ship orders.
Choose orders to arrive on weekly or monthly basis.

For more information, call (800) 563-0161