NorthShore® Hosts First Adult Diaper Fashion Show for MEGAMAX™ Color Collection Briefs

North America’s most absorbent tab-style brief shows incontinence protection can be stylish too

MegaMax Fashion Show Promo Image

(Green Oaks, Ill.) Nov, 8, 2021, the company behind NorthShore® premium adult diapers and high-absorbency incontinence products in the U.S., is pleased to announce MEGAMAX: Style & Protection, its first fashion show. The cutting-edge video is a rare exclusive look at its most absorbent tab-style brief. It highlights the product’s recent launch of new colors black and tie-dye, which has quickly become a top seller among Baby Boomers and Millennials alike.

“Can adult diapers be considered fashion? At NorthShore, we like to think so,” says NorthShore President and Founder Adam Greenberg. “MEGAMAX offers protection AND style. Our customers asked and we listened by offering a glimpse of how people managing incontinence can look and feel confident doing the things they love. For people to feel less stigmatized for needing absorbent products, it is helpful to see adult diapers treated as just another form of underwear.”

The MEGAMAX Briefs collection was inspired by customer input. Customers with moderate and heavy to total incontinence reached out to NorthShore asking for a high-absorbency incontinence product to address leaks. They also asked for a product that would keep them dry overnight so they could get the rest they needed.

“Many of our customers pleaded with us to go further to help them feel accepted as ‘normal’ even though they manage with incontinence,” says Greenberg. “Personally, I love the confidence on the faces of the models. That’s what we want our customers to realize is possible when experiencing the total lock-down protection of NorthShore MEGAMAX briefs.”

MEGAMAX Briefs are the total package. Offering comfort, style and the massive capacity lacking in most retail brands, MEGAMAX shows NorthShore’s commitment to #EndHealthStigma by helping people look and feel confident while managing incontinence.

“We saw a need for a high-quality, super-absorbent tab-style brief years ago and introduced MEGAMAX in 2018,” says Greenberg. “Since that time, we tweaked the design and added colors. I’m proud to say that today, MEGAMAX is the most absorbent adult brief in North America as well as the most stylish.”

Watch MEGAMAX: Style & Protection and learn more about this top-rated brief. For questions, call (800) 563-0161.

About NorthShore Care Supply

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