Tranquility SmartCore Breathable Briefs are Tranquility's most absorbent breathable tab-style diapers. Interior Kufguard leak guards ensure leaks out the legs are minimized even for heavy or bowel incontinence. The soft, cloth-like exterior is waterproof and the breathable side panels eliminate heat and moisture build-up to promote healthy skin with increased airflow. SmartCore briefs have earned the DermaTherapy seal of approval for meeting rigorous standards in promoting healthy skin. Made in the USA. 

Performance Features:

  •  High Capacity Absorbent Core: effective up to 8 hours
  •  Peach Mat Construction: A patented composite structure that guarantees superior performance in • Skin Dryness • Neutralization of Urine pH • Odor Reduction • Inhibition of Bacterial Growth
  •  TQ-A/P (Tranquility Antimicrobial and Antifungal Protection):  the inside of the brief is treated to control the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause odor and other negative effects.
  •  Kufguards: inner leg cuffs designed to channel fluids, contain high volume urge episodes and help contain bowel incontinence.
  •  Breathable Sides: eliminate heat, moisture build-up to promote healthy skin with increased fresh air flow Soft, Cloth-like Material with Micro-hook Closure Tabs grip the cloth-like outer layer to securely fasten the brief and allow for multiple openings.
  •  Capacity/Wetness Indicator: yellow lines turn blue when moisture is present. A change is due when the yellow lines turn completely blue.

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