Incontinence Guards for Men - Comparison Chart

17% of men over 60 have some form of urinary incontinence. That's equivalent to about 6 million men in America. One of the main causes of urinary incontinence in men is caused by issues with the prostate. Whether this is a result of prostectomy surgery, an enlarged prostate, or treatment thereafter, it's important that men have the correct protection available to them at all times.

Men come in all shapes and sizes. Guards are no different. Some guards have adhesive, some have leak guards, and some are more absorbent than others. Guards also come in different lengths and shapes. A man's personal reference, output, and lifestyle will result in the effectiveness of each product.

We have provided the male guard comparison guide for men who experience incontinence during this time to help them understand what is currently available in a clear, easy way. Do you have additional questions? Care experts are happy to help. Please call us at (800) 563-0161.