Best Year Ever: Living Your Best Life with Incontinence

Congratulations! We've officially turned the first calendar page of 2024, and the new year's blank canvas awaits us all. There's nothing but fresh starts and days of endless possibility ahead – all ready to be filled in, planned out, and lived.

Step 1: Plan for the life you want.

The first thing you'll have to do is take some nerve and maybe a bit of imagination – because the first thing is learning how to plan as though your incontinence is not a factor.


Fear of leaks might have prevented you from doing what you wanted in the past – but not anymore. Not this year. So, go ahead – make the big plans. Set all the most impressive goals. Plan like you would have before you started experiencing incontinence – because you still can. You are so much more than your incontinence, and you deserve to live with freedom and dignity!

This will be the year you realize that your daydreams don't have to be just daydreams anymore. This will be the year you set yourself free from the worries of leaks and anxieties of embarrassment. Because this is the year that you're going to be ready for anything.

Step 2: Find products you can trust.

But, of course, while it's imperative to be mentally ready for life's big adventures and opportunities, it's just as important to be physically ready – as anyone with incontinence knows well.

And that's where we come in.

At NorthShore, we know that the best way to prepare for everything your year ahead has in store is to find the right products that fit your exact needs. And even more importantly – finding the right products that are consistently reliable, no matter what.

After countless disappointments and frustrations with drugstore brands, we wouldn't blame you if you found it difficult to trust another absorbent product. But we assure you, we are different.

We pride ourselves in offering reassuringly strong protection! Our adult diapers and protective underwear are among the highest-performing incontinence products available, up to three times more absorbent than store brands. Our priority is providing a product that can give you the quality of life you deserve. Simply put, our goal for you is to change less and live more.


So, once you've consulted with a medical professional about your symptoms and needs, come to us, and we'll help you find your perfect product match. We want to be there to help bring your best-laid plans to life so that you can enjoy the freedom to live just like anyone else. With NorthShore, you can finally find a product that is worthy of your trust.

Step 3: Know that you can make it happen.

And lastly, the final and most important step in your roadmap to your best year yet: have a bit of faith. Believe that you are strong enough, brave enough, and prepared enough to turn your goals into your reality.

You already know you can do hard things. You know better than most people how unfair life can be sometimes, and even so, you are still standing. Curve balls, hiccups, hurdles – no matter what you call them, you've proven time and again that you are tougher than your worst day.


And that's why you know you can do this too. You already have what it takes to make this your best year yet. And with NorthShore's premium protection on your side, you can have exactly the life you want – exactly like you planned it.

And if you ever need some gentle reminding along the way…

Don't forget to download our 2024 Affirmation Cards Color Cards or No Color for daily reminders of everything you want this year to be, and why you're strong enough to make it happen.

That only leaves one question... what will you do first?

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