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How to Measure Hands for Gloves

Instructions on How to Find Your Glove Size

In order to determine the proper size for disposable gloves, NorthShore Care Supply has developed the sizing guide below. The measurements listed below are general guidelines for many types of exam gloves and general purpose gloves including nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves. However, brands and styles can vary so we recommend starting with a small quantity until you are sure that the glove you selected is a comfortable fit.

To ensure proper, comfortable fit when selecting one of our high-quality glove products, accurate hand measurements are required. Our gloves come in many sizes to precisely fit different hands. Use the following instructions and charts to find your correct glove size.

With either a ruler or a tailor's measuring tape, measure the width of the palm of the dominant hand at the widest part. Then find the corresponding range in the Size/Measurement table below.

NOTE: Use the longest hand width measurement to find your size. If your longest measurement falls between sizes, order the larger size.

Size Measurement
XS Extra Small 0 2.5"
S Small 2.5" 2.75"
M Medium 2.75" 3.25"
L Large 3.25" 3.75"
XL Extra Large 3.75" 4.25"
2XL Double Extra Large 4.25" -
Your Size: