Living with Incontinence? Check Out This Online Support Community

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Managing incontinence is not easy and involves a conversation with others. Here at NorthShore, we treat every caller like a family member. We understand that the issue of incontinence can be difficult to discuss as well as manage.

Customers tell us that talking to someone (other than close family) about their bodily functions can be nerve wrecking. Conversations containing words like “leaking,” “bowel movement” or "wetting" can be difficult to discuss with even a healthcare professional. Fortunately, there is now an online support community where people with incontinence and their loved ones and caregivers can go to discuss issues, thanks to The Simon Foundation for Continence.
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The Foundation was created in 1982 and provides support and resources for people across the world experiencing incontinence. It is committed to:

  • Bringing the topic of incontinence out into the open

  • Removing the stigma surrounding incontinence

  • Providing help and hope for people with incontinence, their families, and the health professionals who provide their care

"We get calls from people looking for a support group in their community, and because people are reluctant to openly discuss their issues in front of people who they might know or work with, these just don't last or work out," says Eizabeth LaGro, Vice President of Communications and Education Services for The Simon Foundation. "So, we felt that The Foundation needed to address this need with an anonymous online community.”  

The Online Community for Those Managing Incontinence

The online community encourages friendly conversation and support where people with incontinence and their caregivers can:

  • Engage with other people on an array of health questions and concerns

  • Read informative resources and educational materials

  • Keep up to date with news in the healthcare field

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How comfortable are you talking about incontinence? We understand it can be difficult, but we highly encourage those managing incontinence to talk about it. There are wonderful organizations like The Simon Foundation that are helping people with incontinence every day.  We strongly encourage anyone who is looking for support or knows someone who may benefit from additional resources, to seek help.

Visit NorthShore's Personalized Shopping page for products and supplies to help manage incontinence or for more information.

* Regardless of capacity, for optimal comfort and hygiene, it's important to change an absorbent product immediately after a bowel movement.