Newsweek Recognizes NorthShore Adult Diapers as One of America’s Best Online Shops for 2022

Newsweek 2022 winner image

(Green Oaks, Ill.) Oct, 15, 2021 - For the third consecutive year, NorthShore Care Supply has been recognized as a ‘Best Online Shop’ by Newsweek. NorthShore® is the leading premium adult diaper brand in the U.S. and the largest provider of high-absorbency products in the country for individuals managing moderate and heavy to total incontinence.

“All of us at NorthShore are honored to be recognized for our commitment to our customers and the overall quality of our online shopping experience,” says President and Founder Adam Greenberg. “Since we started in 2002, we have listened to our customers in creating personalized, convenient and reliable internet retail experiences. Many thanks to our staff for being so committed to our customers and their needs.”

This is Newsweek’s third year recognizing companies for their leadership in eCommerce, and NorthShore has been named to the list each of the three years. Recognized for its consumer-friendly online shopping experience, NorthShore offers live support online and over the phone seven days a week. Earlier this year, the company launched an online product finder that helps customers receive personalized product recommendations after answering five quick questions.

NorthShore’s flagship products include MEGAMAX™ tab-style briefs, GoSupreme™ protective underwear, EternaDry™ booster pads and additional incontinence products and supplies. Products guarantee up to 3x the absorbency of leading store brands.

“We are always happy to hear from customers thanking us for providing products that help them live life to the fullest without worrying about leaks,” says Greenberg. “With millions of people managing incontinence in the U.S., NorthShore is privileged to be part of their solution for living worry-free and leak-free. Being recognized by Newsweek reaffirms our commitment to our customers and helping them find life-changing products.”


About NorthShore Care Supply


Founded in 2002, NorthShore Care Supply provides peace of mind to families managing with moderate to severe incontinence through life-changing absorbent products. The company is committed to #EndHealthStigma as we help 80 million Americans managing some form of bladder or bowel incontinence live their life to the fullest. Our featured NorthShore® brand is the leading premium adult diaper brand in the U.S. and is available at or 800-563-0161. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook @NorthShoreCareSupply, Twitter @NorthShoreCare, and on Instagram @NorthShoreCare.

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