Pull-On Underwear Diapers: Guide to Incontinence Supplies


 Features and Information on Pull-On Style Diapers

 Video Transcription:

 What Are Pull-On underwear?

Pull-on underwear style diapers are similar to regular underwear but are waterproof with an absorbent core to channel wetness away from the skin. Pull-ons are disposable underwear meant to be thrown in the garbage after use. Unlike fitted briefs which are tab style diapers that use adjustable tabs, pull-on diapers are put on by stepping into them and pulling them up.

Pull-on underwear comes in different absorbency levels. However, it is most important to use the proper size pull-on or there will be leakage out of the leg opening. Pull-on underwear is especially suitable for: someone who prefers the familiarity of putting on underwear rather than using a tab-style diaper, active people who need more protection than a guard or panty liner provides, and someone who does not need assistance getting dressed. While most pull-ons are unisex, there are some designed uniquely for women or men.

The pull-on underwear exterior, called the backsheet, is made of a soft cloth-like material yet is 100% waterproof. They have a stretchable waistband which makes them feel comfortable, similar to regular underwear. They usually gather around the legs and include added material called leak guards to prevent liquid from leaking through the legs. For added leakage protection, or to hold your pull-ons in place, consider wearing a waterproof diaper cover. They are washable and reusable. For more absorbency enabling the pull-on underwear to last longer, insert a booster pad into the underwear prior to use.

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