NorthShore Care Supply Launches MEGAMAX™ Tab-Style Brief Color Collection

Super Absorbent Adult Diaper Stays Dry up to 12 Hours

MEGAMAX Color Collection (Green Oaks, Ill.) October 29, 2020 - NorthShore Care Supply, the leading direct-to-consumer brand of high absorbency adult diapers and incontinence supplies in the U.S., is now offering its top-selling tab-style brief MEGAMAX in pink, blue and white. MEGAMAX is the most absorbent adult diaper in the U.S., designed to assist individuals in managing heavy to total bladder or bowel incontinence with up to 12 hours of protection.

“We have thousands of customers tell us they can go to work, visit the doctor and even sleep through the night thanks to MEGAMAX,” says Adam Greenberg, president, NorthShore Care Supply. “MEGAMAX and our other NorthShore products are life-changers for people who do not have confidence with store brands because they leak. NorthShore products provide them with peace of mind and help them live life to the fullest.”

With its extra-wide, extra-long absorbent core, MEGAMAX is ideal for nighttime use as well. Additional features include tall leak guards that work as an additional barrier to contain both urinary leaks and bowel incontinence, a
smooth plastic exterior to prevent sagging and odors, refastenable tape tabs and
a full landing zone to hold tabs securely in place.

For individuals managing heavier incontinence and their caregivers, NorthShore’s MEGAMAX Briefs are the total package. Now available in three colors, with more to come, and a variety of sizes, these adult diapers offer comfort, style and the massive capacity lacking in most retail brands and show NorthShore’s commitment to #EndHealthStigma by helping people look and feel confident while managing incontinence.

NorthShore makes finding effective supplies easy with its ‘Try Before You Buy’ Sample Program, which encourages individuals to test a variety of products and identify the best items for their needs. The company’s Auto-Ship Subscription Program and reliable, discreet home delivery as well as daily Customer Care & Service team support are added benefits.


About NorthShore Care Supply


Founded in 2002, NorthShore Care Supply provides peace of mind to families managing with moderate to severe incontinence through life-changing absorbent products. The company is committed to #EndHealthStigma as we help 80 million Americans managing some form of bladder or bowel incontinence live their life to the fullest. Our featured NorthShore® brand is the leading premium adult diaper brand in the U.S. and is available at or 800-563-0161. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook @NorthShoreCareSupply, Twitter @NorthShoreCare, and on Instagram @NorthShoreCare.

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