NorthShore Care Supply Announces COVID-19 Support for ICU Nurses

Including Free Trial and 20% Discount on Super Absorbent Adult Diapers

NorthShore® MEGAMAX™ offers up to 12 hours of dry protection when needed most

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ICU Nurses and other first responders receive a free trial
and 20% discount at

(Green Oaks, Ill.) November 23, 2020NorthShore Care Supply today announced a program for ICU nurses and other COVID first responders in the U.S., including a free trial of two bags of adult diapers as well as a 20 percent discount on all absorbent adult diapers, protective underwear, bladder control pads and cleansing wipes available at its website. ICU nurses and other COVID first responders can take advantage of this program and receive their personalized free trial and discount by contacting NorthShore directly.

“We want to show our appreciation for the dedication of our medical providers and their heroic work during this pandemic,” says Adam Greenberg, president and founder, NorthShore Care Supply. “We’ve been contacted by a number of ICU nurses this year treating COVID patients who are struggling to meet the needs of their patients during extended shifts while managing with overactive balder (OAB) or bladder or bowel incontinence. Due to the added restrictions of PPE, frequent toileting is just not an option for most ICU nurses today.”

The NorthShore® MEGAMAX™ diaper-style disposable briefs are uniquely designed for up to 12 hours of protection for extreme or total urinary incontinence. “Having peace of mind that leaks and odors will be contained with confidence is a life-saver for many people,” says Greenberg.

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Popular products include quilted
wipes, adult briefs, protective underwear and more.

Bladder or bowel dysfunction affects around 100 million adults in the U.S. and often requires a combination of medical treatments and management devices for people to maintain their normal routine. When people are unable to use the toilet at normal intervals, it further puts a strain on the bladder muscles, which may already be weakened from life events or underlying medical conditions.

“Our healthcare workers are dealing with PPE shortage issues, overcrowded Emergency Rooms and ICUs, stress and long hours,” says Greenberg. “We can help make people’s lives and jobs just a little easier by providing the leak protection they need during the pandemic. Most hospital grade or store brand adult diapers are not designed for such extreme circumstances. However, NorthShore has developed some of the world’s most absorbent diapers after almost 20 years of experience serving the disabled and caregiver markets, including those with severe incontinence from conditions such as neurogenic bladder, kidney dysfunction, genetic disorders and Crohn’s & Colitis.”

The free trial and discount program for ICU Nurses and COVID first responders is currently available through March 31, 2021, while supplies last, by completing the Contact Us form at


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