5 Big Differences Between NorthShore® Supreme and MEGAMAX™ Briefs

Jelly and Jam. Alpacas and llamas. Weather and climate. These are common things that people tend to confuse with one another. When it comes to incontinence products, specifically adult diapers, confusion tends to set in as well. Some adult diapers look very similar, have similar features and have names that sound the same, how do you keep track of all of them?

If you’re someone that prefers wearing plastic-backed tab-style adult diapers and are also managing heavy (bladder or bowel incontinence) then you’ll want to be familiar with two of NorthShore’s top-selling briefs.  The MegaMax™ and the Supreme briefs are two you'll want to learn about. We’ll explain the five differences between these two briefs so you can select the best one for your situation.

1. Wicking Capabilities

The NorthShore® MegaMax™ Briefs have the absolute best absorbency with a special channeled top-sheet that quickly wicks away wetness. This special channeling helps distribute the liquid evenly keeping the skin dry as possible.

The NorthShore® Supreme Briefs do not offer this channeled top-sheet, but they are champs in other areas. The Supreme Briefs wick away liquid from the front to the back to avoid swelling when the diaper is full.

2. Size of the Tabs

The MegaMax™ Briefs have larger tabs (approximately 1.5 inches wide) and are longer (approximately 2 inches long). The tape tabs are fastened onto a large plastic landing zone located on the front of the brief. These super-strong tabs provide the user with a more secure fit even when full and prevents frontal rips to the brief.

The Supreme Briefs tabs are not as wide as the MegaMax™ tabs. However, these tabs do come with “second chance tabs” or additional landing zone stickers. These “second chance tabs” are placed over the front of the fitted brief in case the user needs to re-adjust the brief. The user uses the additional tabs as a “dock point” where the primary tabs can be placed over. These “second chance tabs” prevent rips to the front of the brief during adjustments.


3. Overall Sizing

The MegaMax™ Briefs small is sized between Supreme Small and Medium

The Megamax™ Briefs medium is sized between Supreme Medium and Large

The Megamax™ Briefs large is similar to sizing to Supreme Large

4. Waistband

The MegaMax™ XL is taller than the Supreme XL

5. Absorbency

The MegaMax™ Briefs are ideal for extreme/total bladder and bowel incontinence. The briefs have been tested to hold up to 12 hours long.
The Supreme Briefs are ideal for heavy bladder and bowel incontinence. The Supreme briefs are tested to hold up to 8 hours long.
You may not know the difference between jam or jelly, alpacas and llamas, but understanding the differences between two of the most absorbent adult diapers is essential to managing moderate to heavy incontinence. The wicking capabilities, size of the tabs, sizing and absorbency are the big differences between these two popular briefs.

Find out which brief works the best for you.  Request your sample of each brief on our online sample form or call us at (800) 563-0161.

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