5 Ways Supreme Lite Briefs Are Making a Difference for People with Heavier Leaks

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Did you know there were over 100 new product innovations launched in 2018? Bose launched a product called Sleepbuds; special earbuds designed to enhance one’s sleep at night. Ember, a design-led temperature control brand, created a revolutionary temperature-controlled mug that allows coffee drinkers to keep their beverages hot at all times.

What were the new or innovative incontinence products for 2018? There were none. We cannot explain why since adult diapers and pull-ons are just as important, if not more so, at improving quality of life as Sleepbuds and Ember's mug. Earlier this year, we enhanced our NorthShore™ Supreme Lite™ Briefs by adding three new colors to the mix in addition to classic white! We believe that the addition of blue, green and purple set these adult briefs apart from the rest while offering up to six hours of absorbency protection. 

Supreme Lite Briefs

5 Ways NorthShore Supreme Lites Address Heavier Leakage 

  1. Freedom of Expression - Individuals can choose from 3 bold colors and vintage white. If you’re wondering what color brief would suit your personality, take the color quiz here.

  2. Modern Design - A colorful option that does not feature cartoons or characters, offering a subtle but very modern look. 

  3. Less Clinical - Leakage can be difficult to manage. Many people with incontinence feel better when they are wearing adult briefs that are not white in color. Cheryl B Gartley, Founder of the Simon Foundation for Continence says, “When people have less fear of their product leaking and they feel better about their product, both of these things could lessen the self-stigma they might be experiencing.”

  4. Overall Improved Quality of Life – Research shows people dress how they feel. We hope that these briefs brighten someone's day.

  5. More Options for Heavier Leakage – There are few adult diapers with moderate absorbency available in any color other than white. Supreme Lites offers a choice of vibrant, fun colors reflecting the unique styles of our customers.

Each year, new product releases have one goal in mind: to make people's lives a little better. Whether that means keeping someone's coffee hotter during their busy morning or sleeping better at night, people should benefit.  

In addition to the Supreme Lite collection, NorthShore offers MEGAMAX for up to 12 hours of total lockdown protection from leaks and odors and AirSupreme Briefs with up to 8 hours of capacity and airflow breathability. Shop more Tab-Style Briefs as well as Pull-Up Style Underwear to find the best product for your needs.

Check out our collection of Lighter Tab-Style Briefs or call (800) 563-0161 for product recommendations. Not sure what to order? Try our convenient Online Product Finder.