Absorbent Incontinence Pads & Liners

At NorthShore Care Supply, we offer a wide range of incontinence pads for various needs. Protect yourself and your furniture or bedding. Choose from a variety of sizes and absorbencies. For additional information or assistance with sizing, our customer care experts are here. Call us at 800-563-0161 or Live Chat to ask questions or receive personalized assistance.

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Incontinence Pads and Liners From NorthShore

If you are searching for pads for heavy incontinence, NorthShore has the products you need. We have high-absorbency incontinence pads perfect for individuals managing light, moderate and heavy symptoms. Our inventory can keep you or your loved one dry and comfortable. 

At NorthShore, we have numerous types of liners for incontinence, including:

Women Pads and Liners: Our range of light to heavy incontinence liners keeps women feeling dry and confident, both day and night. Individuals can choose from products with maximum to medium absorbency ratings to find a liner that best suits their needs. These pads go inside regular underwear for extra protection without the added bulk.
Guards for Men: The NorthShore guards for men help individuals manage their light urinary incontinence with form-fitting pads. These guards feature adhesive backing and range from moderate to heavy absorbency levels. These guards go inside regular underwear.
Large Shaped Pads: Our liners are for people with light to heavy urinary and/or bowel incontinence. These pads go inside underwear to keep the wearer dry without requiring a bulky diaper.
Booster Pads: These disposable pads for adults fit inside diapers to minimize changes, prevent leaks and increase the absorbency of a disposable undergarment such as a tab-style brief, pull-up style underwear or a liner.
Light Pads and Guards: These products are specifically for men and women managing light to moderate incontinence. Select an absorbency level based on your requirements to keep you or your loved one dry and comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Incontinence Pad or Liner

Choosing the best incontinence pads will depend on your unique needs. When determining which product will best meet your requirements, you should consider:

Leakage Type: An individual with bowel incontinence may need more protection than someone managing urinary incontinence. Determining the leakage type allows you to find a product that offers the best protection.
Frequency and Heaviness: If the wearer experiences heavy incontinence, they may be better off with a higher-absorbency pad or a booster pad, also called a diaper doubler. Those with light incontinence might prefer a light guard.
Other Products: Do you or your loved one already use an adult diaper, or will this be the only incontinence product necessary? Booster pads go inside absorbent undergarments, while most other pads and liners work with regular underwear.

Why Choose NorthShore Incontinence Solutions? 

Our team is dedicated to providing individuals with incontinence solutions they can rely on. People managing incontinence deserve to live life to the fullest, and we have the products to help you go about your daily life leak-free and worry-free. Our incontinence pads, liners and male guards provide maximum absorbency to reduce leaking and provide greater peace of mind. 

In addition to stocking high-quality incontinence solutions, we also offer:

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Buy NorthShore Incontinence Pads Today

Get incontinence pads and liners from a company that cares. At NorthShore, we are committed to helping individuals with incontinence be confidently dry. We have a large inventory of incontinence solutions for men and women dealing with light to heavy incontinence, so you or your loved one can get reliable products that work. Contact our team today or call 800-563-0161 to learn more.