Guards for Men

Guards for men help to manage light urinary incontinence, bladder control and post prostate surgery issues. The form fitting design provides superior comfort and fit without extra bulk. NorthShore offers guards (that absorb more) with waterproof backings that can be kept in place with any relatively tight-fitting underwear or washable mesh pants. Note: These are NOT intended to be used inside a diaper. See our Booster Pad section if you need a pad to use inside a diaper for increased protection.

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NorthShore DynaDry Supreme Liners Sale
Maximum Absorbency

Starting At: $16.11

NorthShore DoubleStop Male Guards Top Seller
Heavy Absorbency

Starting At: $19.99

NorthShore DoubleStop XL Male Guards Staff Pick
Maximum Absorbency

Starting At: $8.99

Attends Guards for Men
Light Absorbency

Starting At: $10.99

Tena Men Protective Guards
Moderate Absorbency

Starting At: $13.99

X Top for Men Incontinence Pouch Sale
Moderate Absorbency

Starting At: $11.99

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