8 Must Pack Items for the Active Man Managing Incontinence

Senior man in hiking gear

Having incontinence doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time traveling. There are many male incontinence products that can keep you protected from your departure to your destination and thereafter. Here are a couple of our most popular male incontinence products we recommend using along with other must-have items to bring with you on your next trip. 

Incontinence Products

NorthShore™ DoubleStop™ XL Male Guard

The most absorbent male guard on the site with wide coverage in the front to keep you dry.

NorthShore DoubleStop XL Male Guards

Benefits when traveling

  • Individually wrapped for easy use on-the-go

  • Absorbent enough to handle long travel times

  • Discreet and can be worn in any tight-fitting underwear or briefs

NorthShore™ GoSupreme™ Pull-On Underwear

Super-absorbent pull-on style underwear for men who have heavier outputs and want more coverage.NORTHSHORE-GOSUPREME-parent-flag.jpg

Benefits when traveling

  • Is easy to remove and dispose of with tear-away side seams for busy travelers out and about

  • Can be used to contain bowel and urine for long periods of time

  • Has smaller leg openings to provide a secure fit during long walks, runs or any other strenuous activities

NorthShore Supreme Quilted Wipes

Our thickest adult wipe helps in more than one way for daily and bathroom cleansing.

NorthShore Supreme Wipes

Benefits when traveling

  • Travel size packages are available to pack in carry on bag

  • Extra large size (9 X 13 inches) helps for all size cleanups

  • Unscented so no lingering smells afterward in public places

Other Travel Products


Helpful for courageous travelers who like to take adventures in the wild, runners or even walkers who need some visual assistance at night.

Comfortable (walking) shoes for any terrain

Pack your shoes around your trip’s itinerary. Will you be doing more walking and hiking or will you do more exploring in the city? 

On-The-Go Snacks

When traveling or doing any kind of strenuous exercise, you want to stay hydrated and full of energy. Invest in some good quality protein bars or snacks that can keep you full on the plane, hike, and anywhere between. 

Quality Back Pack

There’s more to a backpack than just the color and size. There are other things to keep in mind that will depend on your preference and use of the backpack such as torso length, hip belt, and load lifter straps. Find a backpack for your needs here with this helpful guide

Travel Health Kit

Unexpected things happen while traveling, both good and bad. Be sure to have all your essential medicines and other first aid supplies that you may need during times of illness. The CDC offers an extensive list of items on their website to help you pack all you need. 

Get all the right products to keep you comfortable, prepared and ready for your travel this year. Whether you are going to a local state park, hiking in Europe or just relaxing beachside in the Caribbean, make sure you have all you need to enjoy your time! Use incontinence products such as guards, underwear or even wipes that can help you stay active, dry and clean during long periods of time. A good quality backpack will help during hikes or walks, and a good pair of shoes will help keep you comfortable on any terrain. So where will you go this summer? Do you have all you need?