Top 6 Incontinence Products & Essentials for Spring

Spring essentials NorthShore Product Collage

Spring is in the air and as more and more people venture outdoors, answering the unexpected call of Mother Nature while spending time in nature can be a challenge, according to AgingCare. Wearing incontinence products underneath lighter leggings and joggers or shorts can be a tricky endeavor.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure the condition doesn’t interfere with your spring plans, which includes our handy Spring Essentials list.

1. MEGAMAX Briefs

Are you planning on ... Returning to the office full-time? Taking a long walk or hike? Golfing with friends? Visiting relatives? If you answered yes, consider MEGAMAX Tab-Style Briefs for MEGA protection. It's our most absorbent brief, offering up to 12 hours of capacity if ever needed. Stay dry, protected and stylish with a choice of five colors. 

NorthShore MEGAMAX Briefs

2. EternaDry Booster Pads
(new packaging coming soon)

Added absorbency and extra protection when you use EternaDry Booster Pads with disposable undergarments like pull-on underwear, adult diapers and liners. Offering maximum absorbency, the pad fills to capacity and flows through to undergarments. Slim, soft and super absorbent, booster pads reduce leaks and changes while being discreet and perfect for any on-the-go activities.

NorthShore EternaDry Booster Pads

3. GoSupreme Lite Briefs

Heavy protection without all the bulk. A lighter option for sping than our best-selling NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear. Lightweight, discreet, soft and breathable with extra coverage in front and rear along with heavy-duty waist and leg elastics for a discreet yet secure fit. And, GoSupreme Lite pull-ons complement a wide variety of body shapes

NorthShore GoSupreme Lite Briefs

4. AirPremium Briefs

Featuring airflow breathability to maintain a cool and dry fit on warm days and during various activities. Stay protected from leaks with tall leak guards, elastic in the rear waistband and four-strand leg gathers. This reassuringly strong brief is designed with the same extra wide front and back coverage of European-style briefs ... but with a unique, thick Microsorb lining that quickly locks in wetness and odors. 

NorthShore AirPremium Briefs

5. Supreme Quilted Wipes

Staying clean and fresh is easier in warmer weather with NorthShore's Supreme Quilted Wipes. Stay clean after visiting the gym, during a camping trip or hike or after working a long day. These top-selling pre-moistened towelettes help deodorize, cleanse and hydrate the whole body, including the face. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, these soft are hypoallergenic, unscented, paraben-free and alcohol-free. 

NorthShore Supreme Quilted Wipes

6. MagicSorb Air Disposable Underpads

Waterproof yet cool to sleep on, MagicSorb Air Underpads are air permeable, resulting in less heat build-up and improved skin dryness. MagicSorb Air underpads are 2X MORE ABSORBENT than other bed pads, lessening the need for multiple pad use. Heavy-duty and tear-resistant, making re-positioning easier. The super-strong non-woven backsheet is fluid-proof and exta soft. Latex-free makes them ideal for those with allergies and other skin sensitivities. Great for use with air therapy beds. 

Individuals managing incontinence can enjoy spring to the fullest with these popular products and helpful tips. 

Shop these and other Spring Essentials Products or call (800) 563-0161 for personalized recommendations.

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