NorthShore's "Magical" MagicSorb Underpads


"Every little Thing She Does is Magic." Do you remember the song from the band, The Police? It made it to the #3 on the Billboard Top 20 Hits in 1981. What made the song such a hit? The chorus? The tempo? The lyrics? Probably all three.

A record is similar to a personal care product in that it has many great characteristics that make it a hit. The NorthShore™ MagicSorb Disposable Underpads come in two different options, which are Classic and Air. Both are waterproof and offer the finest in bed and furniture protection. Available in a wide selection of absorbencies, sizes and price ranges, these multipurpose underpads are commonly used to protect sheets and reduce laundry from bedwetting or diaper leaks. According to WikiHow, Underpads may be the magic solution for individuals managing incontinence.

Learn the top features of these underpads to choose the right one for your situation.

MagicSorb Classic Underpads

  • All-day and all-night protection

  • Super-absorbent, offering exceptional dryness

  • Odor-locking technology wicks away liquid quickly

  • Available in various sizes

  • Side leak guards

  • Helps with repositioning

  • Plastic backsheet material for added durability

Who Should Use MagicSorb Classic Underpads?

  • People who need more surface area protection for bedding and furniture

  • People who experience heavier voids

  • Individuals who prefer an underpad to a fitted brief or pull-on


MagicSorb Air Underpads

  • Offer a breathable backsheet for skin to stay cool

  • Maintain skin integrity

  • Available in larger sizes


Who Should Use MagicSorb Air Underpads?

  • Individuals who have sensitive skin or bed sores

  • Individuals who use air therapy beds

  • Individuals who are managing heavy urinary leakage 

The NorthShore MagicSorb and MagicSorb Air underpads are both large, absorbent disposable underpads. The MagicSorb Air has a breathable backsheet which helps people who have sensitive skin, bed sores or any other skin conditions.

MagicSorb pads offer more absorbency than the average bedpad and have fast wicking capabilities that promote even fluid dispersion and dyness. What makes the MagicSorb a hit for so many people? The absorbency? The size? The wicking qualities? We think it’s all three. Why purchase just another underpad when you can try MagicSorb™ underpads?

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