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7 MUST Have Items While Managing Any Form of Bowel Incontinence

By NorthShore Care Supply April 11, 2018 0 Comment

Find out what products you need to have with you at all times if you’re managing any form of bowel incontinence. It’s more than just having the right undergarment.


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A Quick Informational Checklist on Anal Leakage (Leaky Anus)

By NorthShore Care Supply October 11, 2017 0 Comment

A checklist of information along with tips to manage anal leakage.


How Much Do You Really Know About IBD?

By NorthShore Care Supply February 3, 2017 0 Comment

NorthShore interviewed Randi Sigal, co-founder of IBD Connect, a support network that helps patients diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel diseases. Read More...

Caring for Loved Ones with Nighttime Incontinence

By NorthShore Care Supply March 12, 2015 0 Comment

Caring for Loved Ones with Nighttime Incontinence Many states of disease or un-wellness can be accompanied by sleep difficulties Add the challenge of having multiple illnesses, incontinence or dementia issues and sleep can be even more difficult. Read More...

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