6 Ways for Seniors (with Incontinence) to Stay Cool This Summer


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people over the age of 65 years or older are more susceptible to heat-related health problems than any other group (CDC). We may not take the heat seriously depending on where we live in the country, but summertime can be a dangerous time of year for the senior population. If your loved one is managing some sort of incontinence then these tips will help them not only in the heat but while they are using incontinence products.

Tips for Keeping Seniors Cool in Summer

1. Stay inside during high-temperature peak times – usually before 12pm and after 4pm.

How this helps while wearing incontinence products: This will alleviate sweating, chaffing and discomfort in the perineal and genital area of the body. 

2. Keep to cool areas if you are out during warm temperatures such as air-conditioned malls or grocery stores.

How this helps someone with incontinence: Stay cool inside to keep skin clean and fresh. Products such as cornstarch powder, moisture barrier ointment, and heavy-duty adult cleansing wipes are available to keep things fresh.

3. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages during the day as they accelerate heat exhaustion

How this works with incontinence: These types of drinks, known as bladder irritants, can make incontinence worse. Read this article on bladder strategies for more information on that. 


4. Avoid heavy meals in hot weather

How it helps with incontinence: Skip the pasta and instead eat salad or something lighter. Overeating causes a full bowel which puts pressure on your bladder so avoid overeating as much as possible to prevent leaks.


5. Drink the right amount of water 

How it helps with incontinence: We know you don't want to have an accident but you should still be drinking water throughout the day. Here is an article on how to drink the right amount of water with incontinence. 


6. Wear breathable pieces of clothing (including incontinence products) that keep your skin cool

How this helps while wearing incontinence products: Loose fitting clothing will help air circulate to your body and also affects how your incontinence product will feel on you. Wear clothing with breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. If you’re wearing adult diapers then you’ll want a breathable brief such as the NorthShore™ AirPremium™. It’s one of most breathable and absorbent briefs available at the moment. 


Staying cool doesn't have to be difficult. Knowing the best times to go out, what to drink during the day, and the products you can wear during the day can make the biggest difference. Make sure you follow these tips so you can have an enjoyable and cool summer this year.