Winter skin care products for seniorsHave you or your elderly loved one experienced dry skin? Many of us would say yes. This is something that can affect seniors of all lifestyles and can become more present during certain times of the year versus other seasons. Dry skin can be a result of many different things but a few of the causes could be associated with dry air, cold weather, dehydration, or hot showers. As mentioned on, our skin losses the elastic tissue known as elastin and collagen as we age. As a result this causes us to have thin skin that becomes more transparent, fragile and susceptible to dry skin. We would like to discuss with you 5 of our top skin care products that will help to prevent dry skin and will help keep your skin smooth and moisturized during the cold weather. 

5 Products for Dry Aging Thin Skin in the Elderly

Remedy 4-in-1 Cleansing Lotion – This product is made from a mixture of olive oil and other organic ingredients. These ingredients moisturize, protect, nourish and clean the skin with its Vitamin A, D and E. This product provides relief to seniors with sensitive skin. No-rinse lotion is convenient for those caring for an aging adult who may be bedridden. 

Remedy Skin Repair Cream – The most moisturizing lotion that we carry that can be used for skin that’s been compromised and appears dry, cracked, inflamed, reddened or itchy. It contains a blend of vital nutrients to help restore skin cells. Dimethicone helps to block Transepidermal water loss. (TEWL) 

Soothe & Cool Skin Cream – Another lotion that is ideal for those with very dry skin. While it nourishes and moisturizes dry skin its Aloe plus Vitamins A, D and E work to rebuild skin cells. This can be used to soften excessive areas of dryness like your elbows. 

Soothe & Cool Moisture Barrier Ointment – Recommended when the skin is at risk of irritation but hasn’t been compromised or damaged. This miracle ointment helps to prevent urine and fecal matter from contacting the skin. It protects the skin for up to two hours in the presence of urine. 

NorthShore™ Supreme Quilted Wipes – The wipe that really promotes skin health while cleansing the body. This X-Large 9x13 wipe features Aloe and Calendula to help soothe the skin and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic, unscented and alcohol-free. It also comes in a travel size pack of 10 to provide protection when you’re on the go.

Now available here are our newest baby wipes size 7 x 8 which can be used by adults and children of all ages. 

Using the right skin care products can be a great tool in keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. Whether you are looking for the next lotion to use daily or a barrier lotion to prevent irritation between changes, we have options for you. 

Other ways to prevent dry skin could include keeping a humidifier in your room, using lip balm to moisturize lips regularly and using quality gloves when outdoors. Lastly, always remember to stay hydrated! It’s very important that we give our bodies the fluids it needs. If you know a friend or family struggling with dry skin share some pointers with them and together we can all help to prevent dry skin. other skin care products