8 Ways to Show a Caregiver Love This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is more than buying flowers or candy for a significant other. It’s a special time that reminds us to show appreciation and love to the ones we care about. Do you have a loved one who cares for a relative or maybe a close friend who frequently assits their nearby neighbor? Between purchasing incontinence supplies, going grocery shopping or running other errands for their loved ones, caregivers are busy people. We came up with a list of thoughtful ideas that we think many caregivers will appreciate this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Talk to them- Caregivers are like us, they have hobbies and sometimes just need a listener on rough days. Ask them how they are doing and what’s new in their life. Talk about things that can help alleviate the stress that they hold on a daily basis.

  2. Gift a leftover meal- Nothing says you care more than a delicious meal you’ve prepared yourself. If you live close to your valentine and you enjoy cooking, then drop your tasty treats, they will appreciate it.

  3. Send a warm greeting- Most electronic greeting cards are free and take 2 minutes to write. Heartfelt messages are the most meaningful and will let your friend or family member know someone is thinking of them.

  4. Offer to help with errands or housework- Use your free time and help your valentine around the house.  Having extra help with laundry, groceries or cleaning can go a long way for a busy caregiver!

  5. Take them somewhere special- The strenuous day to day routine a caregiver goes through can cause burnout. Take them to a place where they can fully enjoy themselves. Some ideas include: go to the movie theater, for the male caregiver, a golf outing, a weekend getaway, or even relaxing at a local coffee shop.

  6. Give them a "wellness check"- Caregivers can only give good care when they too are in good shape. Offer to purchase them a yoga class or a therapeutic massage. When caregivers are in optimal health they are more likely to give their carees better care.

  7. Send them healthy meals they can enjoy- There are healthy food services such as Freshly that deliver delicious and healthy meals right to your recipient’s door. Cooking a meal takes up time and energy that caregivers might not have after a long day. A quick, delicious dinner that awaits is sure to please! No cooking required!

  8. Send a customized care package- Care packages aren’t just for college students anymore. Send a package included with some of their favorite things. Gifts like these are fun to receive and even more fun to open. You can fill the package with their favorite snacks, a good book, gift cards or even aromatherapy for the caregiver that enjoy essential oils. Customize the box to your caregiver friend or family member.

Who will be your Valentine this year? How will you show appreciation for them? A trip to the movie theater, a fresh meal delivered to their home or even a care package are all great ideas to show your valentine you care about them not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.