Overnight Fitted Briefs: Guide to Incontinence Supplies

Features and Information on Fitted-Briefs

Video Transcription:

What are Overnight Briefs?

Overnight briefs are fitted briefs or tab-style diapers with high absorbency levels and better leakage protection. Because they absorb a larger amount of liquid, most users can sleep through the night with no changes. And the tabs make it easy to put on and adjust fit, without having to entirely remove clothing.

Briefs are different from pull-ons. They are put on with tabs, while pull-ons are like underwear, you must step into them and pull them up. 

While overnight briefs all have high absorbency levels, it is most important to choose the proper size. If the brief is too big, there will be leakage out of the leg openings or even the waist when lying down. This is especially important for side sleepers. There are 2 choices of materials for the overnight and fitted brief exterior, typically called the backsheet. Both are 100% waterproof. Plastic-backed briefs provide superior anti-odor protection while cloth-like briefs often have breathable side panels to promote skin health and comfort. For more absorbency for those who are heavy wetters during the night, insert a booster pad into the brief prior to use.

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