Our Mobile-Friendly Site is Here

When’s the last time you looked at your phone? Did you post a Facebook status? Check a voicemail? According to an article in TIME magazine, Americans check their phones at least 46 times per day. In a busy world that we live in, it’s important for us to be able to check the weather, read our email, and connect with others within seconds of our smartphone.

NorthShore understands in a busy world people want information, answers, and products quickly …especially their incontinence products. That is why we have same day shipping available before 5 pm Central Time Monday through Friday, so our customers can get their products as quickly as possible. In addition, we recently made our site mobile-friendly for caregivers, family members, and the users themselves. Within minutes customers can place an order, check their account, or review products on the site, it’s that easy. We have so many great features we think our customers are sure to enjoy and want to let you know about them.

Tap Into the Benefits

  • Tap to call or chat - This is a great feature when you are just pulling up our site and need real-time answers. Within moments you will be connected to a human chat agent or directly connected to a friendly representative that will be happy to take your call.

  • Manage orders - The online account feature shows any current or past orders made with NorthShore. This will clearly show you the specific items were ordered and the date the order was placed. You can also easily reorder from this page!

  • Easy to find items - With our new left menu bar feature and our search bar you can find anything from tab-style diapers, to skin care products within a matter of minutes. Searching for products has never been so easy.

  • iPhone and Android approved - Our site will adapt to your screen to give you the best view of our pages and products. You don’t need to worry about frozen screens or have to pinch to see products.

  • Responsive platform - When ordering, check out is a breeze. Each step of the checkout process is highlighted for you so you can quickly complete your order, no frustrations are allowed here.

We're here to help. NorthShore wants to help make your life easier. Use the mobile-friendly site to get what you need, when you need – computer not required. Use us to simplify your life. Remember, we’re only a tap away!

Sources: TIME Magazine article: Eadicicco, L. (2015, December 15). Americans Check Their Phones 8 Billion Times a Day. Retrieved December 9, 2016