NorthShore DynaDry™ Pads What if there was an incontinence liner pad that you could use in regular underwear that could replace your current incontinence underwear? A liner that could absorb a large amount of urine and also help contain bowel movements? Depending on your unique situation, preference and comfort level, there are liners that could work for you. 

NorthShore recently introduced the x-large and 2x-large of the DynaDry™ Supreme Liners that are so absorbent, they could be an alternative to protective underwear. We’ll explain the special features of these new incontinence liners that’ll help you decide if you should make the switch. 

Similar Features as Absorbent Underwear

  • Figure 8 shape provides full coverage in the front and rear. This shape is great for urinary and bowel containment for individuals with Urge incontinence, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or other bowel issues.
  • Wide core contains large amounts of liquid
  • Fast wicking top layer that pulls liquid away from the body

Secure features that Keep You Dry

  • Elastic leg gathers that provide a snug fit during any position
  • Adhesive zones to secure to underwear
  • Tall leak guards to prevent leaks. Great for side sleepers that prevent urine run off into the underwear.

Are you ready to stop using inferior liners? Do you still see wet stains, spots or feel uncomfortable when you’re wearing your current incontinence liner pad? You shouldn’t have to anymore. You don’t need to be worried about leaks when you’re doing errands, going on vacations, or visiting family members. Get a liner that you can count on that has you covered from front to back. To request samples of the NorthShore DynaDry Supreme pads please call us at (800) 563-0161. 

We’re always happy to help!