Liners: NorthShore® Guide to Incontinence Supplies

Feature and Information on Liners

Video Transcription:

What are liners? 

liner, also known as an incontinence pad, is a large pad that has a waterproof backing to protect underwear from moderate to heavy urinary and/or bowel incontinence. It differs from a light pad or guard, which are much smaller and are designed for light incontinence, although all liners, like pads and guards are worn inside regular underwear.

Many people confuse liners with booster pads. The most important difference is that a liner has a waterproof backing and a booster pad does not. In other words, the liquid flows through the booster pad while the backing on the liner keeps the liquid contained.

When the appropriate liner is selected, the incontinence stays within the pad and enables you to wear regular underwear. It can be helpful to pair the mesh pants that are fitted or snug to help keep the liner in place. The mesh pants are ideal to help keep the liner snug against your body. However, selecting the right product is important. If someone has a very large void beyond the capacity of the liner, it will leak out the sides, and may indicate it is time to move to absorbent underwear-style diapers. Liner shapes differ a bit, but are generally slightly contoured; thinner in the middle and wider on the ends to fit best between the legs.

When should you use a liner? 

They are a great alternative to a fitted brief or pull-on underwear if you: are a plus size and fitted briefs do not fit comfortably, simply want to eliminate the excess weight or bulk of a full-fitted brief or absorbent underwear, want to continue wearing your regular underwear but need extra-protection over what light pads or guards provide, lastly if you get overheated easily or live in a warm climate, and do not want the bulkiness of a fitted brief or diaper.

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