Incontinence Supplies for Today's Family Caregiver


Doctor appointments, long talks, nighttime changes, grocery runs. These are just some of the activities family caregivers do with their loved ones. One activity you may already have found yourself doing is shopping for incontinence supplies. If your loved one is using products that are leaking or just not fitting properly then you should be aware of all of the new products available for them to try.

We will provide some situations that may familiar to you along with our top product recommendations we believe will provide the best results for your loved one.

Situation 1: Dad is active but is having accidents at home and in public. Dad has heavy urinary and bowel incontinence during the day and night. Needs the most protection whenever possible. 

Dad’s waist: 34”

Recommended products:

NorthShore® MegaMax™ Brief - This is the most absorbent tab-style diaper ever and offers up to 12 hours of protection. The special channeled core absorbs up to 49 ounces of liquid. The larger tabs and landing zone keeps the brief from sagging when full. Lastly, the strong plastic-backed exterior helps with odors, so dad can stay feeling confident wherever he is.

NorthShore® GoSupreme™ Underwear - The GoSupreme™ is the second most absorbent product we carry on the site.  This is a pull-up style underwear that resembles regular underwear. It can hold up to 38 ounces of liquid. The snug leg openings help prevent leaks onto clothing for people with thinner legs. It also has a long absorbent core to wick away wetness fast between the legs. The GoSupreme™ underwear has a super soft waistband that helps with added comfort.

Other accessories to use for added protection:

NorthShore® Booster Pads

GaryWear Diaper Covers

NorthShore® Supreme Quilted Wipes

NorthShore® MagicSorb™ Disposable Underpads

Situation 2: Mom has heavy urge incontinence, Depend brand is no longer working for her during the day. Mom prefers panty-style products.

Mom’s waist: 42”

Recommended products:

NorthShore® FlexSupreme™ Underwear - The FlexSupreme™ is the most absorbent panty-style products NorthShore carries. It is made for people of all sizes but is ideal for people with larger hips and waistlines. The underwear has tall leak guards to stop leaks, a super-absorbent core that wicks away wetness from the body and a very comfortable waistband to hug the body in all the right places.  The underwear offers larger leg openings than other pull-up style underwear which helps with fit for people with thicker legs.

Molicare Mobile Underwear - The Molicare Mobile is slightly less absorbent than the FlexSupreme™ but still is considered a high absorbent underwear on the site. This underwear includes double-banded leak guards that are used to help with leakage.

Situation 3: Aunt Theresa is managing moderate bowel leakage but isn’t ready to wear protective tab-style briefs or absorbent underwear. 

Recommended products: Luckily, we have various large-shaped liners that can be used in regular underwear, in various shapes. See which ones we would suggest below.

NorthShore® DynaDry™ Supreme Liners - These figure 8 shaped liners offer more coverage in the back to contain bowel movements. The liners also come with tall leak guards to contain any urinary and/or bowel leakage.

NorthShore® Heavy-Duty Liners - These liners are primarily designed to contain urinary leaks. The NorthShore® liners comes in both the rectangular and hourglass shapes. The hourglass shapes are ideal for people in larger sizes (Large to 2X-Large).

Other accessories to use alongside these products:

NorthShore® Washable Mesh Pants

NorthShore® Supreme Quilted Wipes

Situation 4
: Grandma occasionally has light leaks when she sneezes, she needs a pad to for those just-in-case moments.

Recommended products:

Elyte Cotton Incontinence Pads - The 100% cotton pad that comes in 4 sizes (mini, normal, extra and super). If skin sensitivity is an issue, then this pad is one to consider.

NorthShore® DynaDry™ Pads, Ultimate - NorthShore's version of the Tranquility's Ultimate Personal Care Pad but with more absorbent area coverage.

Situation 5
: Your grandpa Barry is in assisted living and needs a more absorbent pad while he's managing post-op urinary leakage. Barry also has bed sores.

Recommended products:

NorthShore® XD Washable Underpad - The XD is currently the most absorbent washable bed pad on the site. The 2XL size (36" X 60") holds up to 67 ounces of liquid. The bed pad is washer and dryer friendly and can hold up to 250 washings.

NorthShore® MagicSorbAir™ Underpad (disposable chux) - This MagicSorb™ Air is the most breathable disposable bed pad we carry on the site. It allows body heat to transfer while also quickly absorbing liquid away from the body.

Situation 6: Your young child needs protection for regular to heavy urinary leakage in smaller sizes.

Waist: 23”

Recommended products:

NorthShore® AirSupreme™ Brief - The AirSupreme™ is the only NorthShore® brief that comes in youth/x-small sizes. The AirSupreme™ is the most absorbent breathable brief that comes in smaller sizes. It is a great option for parents or family members that are needing a brief that's larger than child diapers but smaller than an adult size small.

Other incontinence accessories to use:

NorthShore® Booster Pads

NorthShore® Premium Blue Chux

At the end of the day, we understand that all you want is your loved one to be rested and comfortable. If you're a caregiver for a mother, father, aunt, uncle or child, a full night's rest can feel like a million dollars.

We hope these suggestions helped you understand which products to use for different situations. NorthShore offers personalized consultations so call us at (800) 563-0161 so we can help you find the best products for your needs.

We're always happy to help!