Guys, Start Playing with the Right Incontinence Products

Incontinence Products for Men (Infographic)

Playing sports is similar to managing bladder and bowel leakage. You have to have a concrete plan and strategically use the right teammates in order to win the game. You can't go into the game blindly without your best team players with you.  It takes a mixture of planning, defensive playing, and perseverance to win. Below is a simple infographic of when you can use the right products for each sport. Remember you can use some of these together, it just depends on your lifestyle and specific needs. 



Male Guards- Use these when you need to contain light bladder leaks during the day or night. 

Absorbent Underwear for Men - Available in various styles and absorbency levels for moderate bladder and bowel leaks. Underwear is discreet and can be used day or night. 

Tab-Style Briefs - Wear these incontinence briefs for the heaviest bladder or bowel leakage, these come in both the plastic and breathable exteriors. 

Booster Pads - Add these incontinence pads into any disposable brief of underwear for added protection. 

Active Wear Covers - Our most breathable and comfortable covers to catch any leaks from your current undergarment. 

Liners- Large shaped pads that can be used in your reusable briefs. These should not be used with boxers. 

Request a free sample online of these products or call us at (800) 563-0161. Stay in the game and don't let a leaky bladder get in the way!