My Dad has incontinence from prostate surgery; what kind of products does he need?

For men who are active and want to continue playing golf, or just go about their daily activities without fear of embarrassment, there are many incontinence products that make life easier. One option is Depend Real Fit. This is a disposable pull-on undergarment that works like a diaper. But you can pull it on like regular underwear. Another option is Tena for Men underwear, a good choice when a full coverage, disposable undergarment is not needed. Another choice is theNorthShore DoubleStop, a new, high performance male guard. Alternatively, try a moderately sized liner. Each offers good coverage and is discreet under clothing.

After prostate surgery light guards worked for a while, but my incontinence has increased, what are my options?

If a lower absorbency disposable pull-on is no longer sufficient, we recommend a highly absorbent pull-on. Incontinence often increases over time and this is not uncommon. Men who are working or active full time want a product that is not only discreet, but also provides the security needed to get through their day with confidence. 

If the wearer needs all-day protection and the options are overwhelming, speak with care expert to get the right product for your individual needs. Care experts at NorthShore Care Supply can help.  Call (800) 563-0161. We're always happy to help!

If you prefer not to call, there are some popular products to consider.  A male guard such as the NorthShore DoubleStop, is the best and most comfortable solution. These are uniquely shaped for the male anatomy. For more coverage and protection, consider a pull-on that is discreet but absorbent enough for a full day, like Molicare Mobile or Prevail Pull-Ons

Is there a product that works well with my loose-fitting boxer shorts?

Incontinence products and loose-fitting boxer shorts are not a good match.  Boxers cannot hold the product snugly in place. Reliable protection is best achieved by wearing a guard or liner in regular non-boxer style underwear, or wearing a disposable absorbent brief or pull-on designed for incontinence. The NorthShore DoubleStop has the best adhesive and a dual core for optimal absorption. Plus each guard is individually wrapped so that it can be carried discreetly for quick changes. Tena for Men and Prevail for Men are also both popular male guards for absorption and security.

How do I find the best fit?

On NorthShore Care Supply you will see a filter that allows you to find the best product for your situation. You can input desired absorbency, waist and hip size or other criteria for the best available products.