It can be difficult to visualize how to use incontinence products like booster pads, especially if you’ve just begun your journey in using incontinence products. While everyone uses them differently, we wanted to show you the best ways to insert them in both tab-style briefs (adult diapers with tabs) and pull-on underwear. Typically you want the size of the booster to be the same as the brief or pull-on that you’re using, or use a smaller size booster. If you use booster pads that are too big then they will run over the leak guards which open the door to leakage. The booster pad should sit nicely between the leak guards, in the core of the tab-style brief or pull-on. Watch our video below and be sure to call if you have any questions! 

Here are the steps in the video:

Step 1. Remove adhesive strip on the backing

Step 2. Place booster in the core of brief or pull-on

Step 3. Adjust booster as needed so it fits within the leak guards 

Step 4. Place down and secure in core 

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