9 Ways You Can Help Mom in the Bathroom

How old is mom or any other female in your family? Did you know that injuries in the bathroom tend to peak once seniors reach 85 years old? It's important that our senior relatives are safe in all areas of the house, especially in their bathroom. Whether mom lives alone or is in a retirement community,  there are things we can to keep her as safe as can be. As women age, they are more likely to suffer from Osteoporosis due to thinner bones, so it's important to keep mom safe since she is at risk for this type of condition. There are 9 things you can do to make sure mom stays safe and happy. 

  1. Be a support for her to balance when needed before and after toilet session or bathing in the shower. 
  2. When speaking to her and giving directions, always be clear and use the right tone and volume. Let her know that you are helping and try not to sound authoritative. 
  3. Use grab bars near the toilet and shower area if needed.
  4. Consider a more user-friendly shower with portable shower head and shower chair. Shower chairs make bathing for seniors much easier. They improve hygiene and offer comfort to seniors with knee pain or other forms of arthritis. 
  5. Remove access rugs on the bathroom floor so she doesn’t fall. Get her a non-slip map to use in the bathroom. 
  6. Think about using a raised toilet seat if needed. Raised toilet seats are helpful after hip surgeries and also have added padding to help with comfort. 
  7. Keep adult wipes or any other incontinence products handy and easy to locate. Make sure to keep clutter at a minimum, you can store her supplies and other products in a bin near the toilet. 
  8. Keep a nightlight in the bathroom or hallway to guide her to the bathroom. According to the American Family Physician, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 have some form of vision reducing eye disease. Make sure mom doesn't fall with proper lighting in the house. These are some great lights for seniors to use which you can get online. 
  9. Lastly, smile, laugh and don’t take anything too seriously. This article in AgingCare.com states that having a sense of humor always helps during caring for others. Studies have shown that laughter helps with blood circulation, managing pain, and raises the amount of infection-fighting antibodies in seniors. If you are a family caregiver having a sense of humor also helps with your well-being. You might not be the next Carol Burnett or Richard Pryor, but seeing mom smile or crack a laugh will make you feel like you are. If mom isn’t the one to crack jokes with, reassure her that you’re always there for her. Sincerity, patience and unconditional love will always go far with mom. 

Mom's health is number one and we know you want her happy and safe. Keeping the bathroom tidy and having a shower chair will help during cleanings. Night lights and offering support for her in a physical and emotional way also help during this process. Make sure mom knows you're there for her in the bathroom and everywhere else.