Seniors outside in fall weatherWhen it comes to buying incontinence supplies such as tab-style briefs it can be difficult to decide which one will work for your lifestyle and body type. There are many brands available and it can get bewildering, to say the least. NorthShore's briefs are a popular option for people that are looking for better quality diapers, that require tabs. Typically tab-style diapers benefit people who are looking for a more secure fit around their leg area. Pull-on style underwear is very similar to regular underwear but does not offer the same odor control as a plastic-backed fitted brief. Below we provide you with our new comparison chart that will list the special features of each brief. 

If you're interested in tab-style briefs then take a look at the NorthShore brand. We have created a chart for you to review below to help you along the way. We will also provide realistic scenarios for people and give our recommended brief for each one.

This chart is interactive so click on the names of each brief to see more information about each one. 

Fitted Briefs Comparison Chart

All features are important to consider but it’s especially important to pay special attention to the absorbency, odor control as well as the back sheet section. These are where people tend to move from one product over another due to their own personal preference and needs. 

The briefs with smooth plastic backing are great for people managing bowel incontinence because the plastic outer shell prevents odors from escaping the brief. 

The briefs with the cloth-like breathable outer shell are great for people who have sensitive skin or have skin conditions such as bed sores, skin allergies, or pressure sores.

If you’re not sure which one to choose, then request a sample and see how the brief feels on you when doing your everyday activities. 

NorthShore Briefs™ & Real Life Scenarios

In the following section, we will give you some realistic situations and the briefs from the comparison charts above that would go well with each individual. 

Jane: A woman, age 56 years old that has urge incontinence caused by menopause that causes her to leak at night. Jane is a side sleeper and prefers the tab-style briefs for a more secure fit around the legs. 

Jane’s info: 5’7” 130 pounds

Lifestyle: An active woman that still works full-time at a retail store

Additional information: Has hypersensitive skin on the inner leg area

Dimensions: 21-inch waist 20-inch hip

Recommended brief: NorthShore™ AirSupreme™ Brief size Small

Why we suggest this brief: The NorthShore™ AirSupreme ™Brief comes in smaller sizes that fit people with smaller waists, has a breathable backsheet and is a great overnight brief for individuals with urge incontinence. The back sheet also helps keep Jane’s skin healthy and is quiet when worn. 

Jake: A man,  age 71 with heavy urine and bowel incontinence. Jake is looking for a brief to wear all day and night. 

Rick’s info: 5’9” 170 pounds

Lifestyle: Retired man that spends most of his time at home with family

Additional information: Needs a product to contain bowel movements such as diarrhea numerous times during the day. 

Dimensions: 35-inch waist, 37-inch hip 

Recommended brief: NorthShore™ Supreme Brief size Medium 

Why we suggest this brief: The NorthShore™ Supreme brief is one of the most absorbent briefs we have on the site. We typically recommend plastic fitted briefs for bowel containment. The NorthShore™ Supreme and has a strong, smooth plastic shell that helps contain odors from large bowel movements. This is a great brief for both bowel and urinary containment. 

Kelly: A woman, age 49 with moderate urinary incontinence that wants to use a discreet-fitting brief due to work attire. 

Kelly’s info: 5” 8” 140 pounds

Dimensions: 40-inch waist 42-inch hip

Lifestyle: An active woman that’s a yoga teacher during the week

Additional information: Kelly wants a thinner tab-style brief to wear to work 

Recommended brief: NorthShore™ AirPremium™ Brief size Large

Why we suggest this brief: A brief that works well for those managing moderate incontinence and provides a thinner feel to wear in public. Very soft but not as bulky as other briefs. 

Tim: A young man, age 20 college student who has Spina Bifida and has complete loss of bowel and bladder control. This man is looking for a daytime brief to wear to school while attending classes. He is looking for a durable brief for bowel containment but also wants something thinner to wear during the day. 

Tim’s info: 5’5” 120 pounds

Lifestyle: Full-time college student, wheelchair-bound, at times he needs assistance from others for changes

Dimensions: 29-inch waist 30-inch hip 

Recommended Brief: NorthShore™ Supreme Lite Briefs size Medium

Why we suggest this brief: This is a lighter version of the Supreme and is great for bowel and urine containment. It’s a great daytime brief option for someone looking for a thinner, but still full coverage brief. We suggest Tim use the Supreme Brief at home during the night. 

We hope the chart helped you understand the special features of each brief. The scenarios mentioned are completely made up but are very real issues for many people.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a care expert at (800) 563-0161.

We're always happy to help!