Last Minute Gift Ideas for Adults Managing Incontinence

35faa41a635e248582e6d484683c39c20be0feeb.pngIt’s that time of year again. The challenge of what to get others finally hits when you’re in stores looking at the aisles and aisles of products. Do you get your loved one something functional or something fun? Both? It can be hard to decide. For those of us who have loved ones managing bowel or urinary incontinence, let our list give you some ideas for gifts this holiday. Assuming your loved one already has the most absorbent adult briefs or super absorbent pull-ons available, these gift ideas will be the next ones you should consider this holiday season.

7 Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Managing Incontinence

  1. Odor proof storage bags - Bags that contain odor are a must for people that use disposable briefs or underwear, so you'll want to get them both disposal bags for everyday use. These odor containing bags are helpful just in case your loved one has an accident in public with no bathroom nearby. Great for containing soiled clothes or even temporary storage for soiled adult diapers/underwear. 

  2. Apps - If your tech savvy loved one a gift card to the app store is always a good idea.  Useful apps have emerged this year, from finding movie recommendations to creating your own password account system, there's an app out there for almost everyone. Free apps are available that help people find a nearby bathroom as well. 

  3. Fun informational books- Incontinence isn’t always a laughing matter, but the holidays are meant to be celebrated with humor and positivity so might as make the best of it. This informational and witty book on poop is highly recommended online by people managing incontinence and others who simply enjoy reading it for educational purposes. The book teaches readers what to look out for in their bowel movements. Give the book to the one in your family who doesn't take life too seriously.

  4. Poo-Pourri - An odor masking spray is now available in various scents for men and women, this discreet and handy, on-the-go spray will help mask any odors in the bathroom, at home or in public. 

  5. Booster pads - Another functional gift that can help your loved one that needs extra protection during the day or night is an extra absorbent booster pad.  Boosters can be used inside any disposable undergarment and add absorbency to it. Booster pads also add to the life of any disposable undergarment. Boosters come in various sizes and absorbency levels. A great product to have on the go! 

  6. Durable bed pads - These plaid bed pads can be used on the bed, in the car, on a wheelchair, or any other piece of furniture in the house. Their plaid design blends in with most rooms of the house and resembles a blanket, keeping your loved one protected with discretion. 

  7.  Experience Gifts - Managing incontinence doesn’t mean your loved can't enjoy life. Treat them for a meal to their favorite restaurant, a movie, or go to performance if they enjoy theater. You can request to be seated near an exit or aisle so your loved one can have easy access to the exits.

The holidays can be a stressful time for some of us. If you're stuck trying to find the perfect gift for loved ones just remember what they like or find something that they can use. Functional gifts can be great gifts! We have highlighted some functional and fun gifts for you to get. for your family member that manages incontinence. Between odor proof bags, booster pads, odor masking sprays, or an experience that you both can enjoy, we’re sure you'll find a gift that your loved one will love.