*NorthShore no longer carries any swim diapers on the site as of 4/2019

Summer is officially here. Outdoor activities have begun, temperatures are climbing the charts and swimming areas are getting busier. Getting in the water is one way to stay cool and enjoy the weather with loved ones. Adults and children who are incontinent need their protection during the summer and swim diapers are a must. Not much information is provided on these products online, but NorthShore™ has compiled a list of the most important facts to know before purchasing disposable swim diapers.

1. Swim diapers are a containment-only product - Swim diapers do not absorb liquid because they do not have polymers (the ingredient that is used in diapers and other absorbent products). They only provide a waterproof lining around the leg and waist areas to securely contain voids.

2. Swim diapers are primarily for bowel containment- The swim diapers on NorthShore™ can only contain a small amount of urine, but they are primarily made for bowel containment.

3. Absorbent products (diapers, liners, boosters) should not be worn with swim diapers -  These products swell up when liquid touches them so it is recommended that they not be worn in any water environment.

4. Most disposable swim diapers come in the pull-on style (like regular underwear) - These are designed to discreetly fit under swimsuits and are easy to remove. 

5. Swim diapers are waterproof but not watertight – Selecting the incorrect size may result in water entering through the leg openings or waist. On the same note, voids can also escape out of the diaper. Another reason to get the right size!

Swim diapers have specific sizing, so it’s also very important to measure the waist and hip closely. 

Where will you be swimming this summer? Whether you are going to a therapy pool, outdoor swimming pool or heading to the nearby beach, protection in the water is key during incontinence. There are effective incontinence products that can provide peace of mind in the water and allow for an enjoyable time.