Image of vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves on tableIn 2014 the U.S. threw out over 258 million tons of waste. Thirty percent of this waste came from packaging or items that were used only once or twice in their lifetime. Where does our waste go? Mostly in landfills but also in our oceans affecting previous wildlife. In an attempt to make our world a cleaner place, use up your products until they've reached their full life cycle. Do you have boxes of extra gloves laying around the house? Stuck on how to put them to work? Don’t just toss them, use them.  We'll give you some ideas on how you can use your perfectly good gloves and prevent waste today and in the future. 

Gloves for the Kitchen

  • Protect hands from odors- If you’ve ever chopped garlic or onion then you know the odor that lingers on your fingertips afterward. Use a general purpose glove that will prevent your fingers from smelling like last night’s dinner!
  • Tossing food- If you’re roasting vegetables or tossing a salad using olive oil use gloves to protect your hands.
  • Opening jars – Use a thick glove, vinyl specifically and the traction will help open the jar easier. 
  • Handling peppers – If you’re a fan of the heat then you’ll know that when cutting peppers like jalapenos can cause a burning sensation. Use a glove for making your next batch of guacamole or chili to prevent burning to the eye or other areas of the body. 

Gloves for the Bathroom

  • Protect hands when cleaning the toilet, tub or any other area of the house with bleach.
  • Prevent stains from parts of the body during hair coloring (for women).

Other Ways to Use Gloves at Home 

  • During an oil change at home
  • Gardening
  • Taking the trash out
  • Cleaning out a dusty attic or garage
  • Cleaning pet bedding and waste 

Gloves aren’t just for medical professionals or caregivers, anyone can use them for just about anything. Think of the last time when your hands were in a sticky situation. Don’t throw away your unused gloves. There are many ways you can still use them. Remember some places do accept donations of gloves, just contact your local Goodwill or donation center as a last resort.