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7 MUST Have Items While Managing Any Form of Bowel Incontinence

By NorthShore Care Supply April 11, 2018 0 Comment

Find out what products you need to have with you at all times if you’re managing any form of bowel incontinence. It’s more than just having the right undergarment.


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A Quick Informational Checklist on Anal Leakage (Leaky Anus)

By NorthShore Care Supply October 11, 2017 0 Comment

A checklist of information along with tips to manage anal leakage.


Challenging Health Stigma - Rude2Respect Campaign

By The Simon Foundation for Continence June 6, 2017 0 Comment

Learn about the Rude2Respect movement that's fighting the stigma for people with health differences. Read More...

The New Online Support Community for People with Incontinence

By NorthShore Care Supply May 22, 2017 0 Comment

There is now an online support community available through The Simon Foundation for people with incontinence and family caregivers. Read More...

5 Tips to Manage Accidents with Your Child with Special Needs

By NorthShore Care Supply April 6, 2017 0 Comment

Parents of children with special needs may experience difficulty with bathroom accidents from time to time. Here are 5 tips to help make bathroom accidents manageable.


How Much Do You Really Know About IBD?

By NorthShore Care Supply February 3, 2017 0 Comment

NorthShore interviewed Randi Sigal, co-founder of IBD Connect, a support network that helps patients diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel diseases.


Caring for Loved Ones with Nighttime Incontinence

By NorthShore Care Supply March 12, 2015 0 Comment

Caring for Loved Ones with Nighttime Incontinence Many states of disease or un-wellness can be accompanied by sleep difficulties Add the challenge of having multiple illnesses, incontinence or dementia issues and sleep can be even more difficult. Read More...

Incontinence Guidance for the At Home Caregiver

By NorthShore Care Supply September 1, 2014 0 Comment

Dealing with the incontinence needs of a loved one that you are caring for at home can be a very difficult situation for both the caregiver and their family. This Simon Foundation fact sheet provides a general overview of the steps a caregiver should take to understand the scope of the incontinence needs and outlines what options and resources are available to help improve the quality of life of those dealing with incontinence and their caregivers.


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Tranquility SmartCore Breathable Briefs

By NorthShore Care Supply February 14, 2013 0 Comment

New to our Tranquility Line of products, we now offer Tranquility's SmartCore Breathable Briefs. These have the highest absorbency in a true breathable, cloth-like tab-style brief with micro-velcro refastenable tabs. Antimicrobial lining for healthier skin environment. Use for day or night. Sizes Available: Small-XXL.


NorthShore Heavy-Duty Liners

By NorthShore Care Supply February 1, 2013 0 Comment

NorthShore Heavy-Duty Liners are for Moderate to Heavy urinary and/or bowel incontinence needs. They are designed to be worn inside regular underwear OR in combination with washable pants (mesh or knit) to hold them more securely in place. These liners are NOT to be used inside another diaper product


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