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The Surprising Ways Dogs Help Children with Special Needs

By NorthShore Care Supply March 24, 2017 0 Comment

Companion dogs, Therapy dogs, and Service dogs all offer unique benefits to children with Autism. Dogs can help children with symptoms such as repetitiveness, wandering, and anxiety. Read More...

Assist Healing and Wellness with Music Therapy

By NorthShore Care Supply February 10, 2017 0 Comment

We discuss the benefits that music therapy offers for infants to adults. Read More...

Top 7 Visual Schedule & Social Story Apps For Autistic Children

By NorthShore Care Supply February 17, 2012 0 Comment

Find out which are the Top 7 Visual Schedule and Social Story Apps for autistic children that in has been able to find online.  Some are for the iPhone, some are for the iPad, and all of them are great for kids on the spectrum!


Daily Autistic Living Skills

By NorthShore Care Supply December 2, 2011 0 Comment

Urinary incontinence occurs when a house trained dog loses control of his bladder. This can range in severity from occasional small urine leaks to inadvertent voiding of a large amount of urine.


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