Best Adult Diapers 2019

The sun is staying out later, birds are chirping louder and you've probably seen more people out during the day. Yes, spring is here. You may already have started tending to your garden, or are planning a trip later this month, but do you have the right adult diapers to keep you protected to do it all? We want to mention our best adult diapers, so you can continue to do all the things you love this spring. In this article, we'll explain our best tab-style briefs and pull up style underwear that can be used by both men and women and in various absorbency levels. 

Tab-Style Briefs (Adult Diapers with Tabs)

NorthShore™ Supreme Lite™ Briefs– The Briefs That Literally Brighten Your Day


  •  Sizes offered: M & L

  • Great color options for spring and really all year round– purple, green and blue 

  • Ideal for: moderate urinary and bowel leaks 

  • Wide coverage in front and rear 

  • Less bulky than other plastic-backed briefs 

  • A great daytime option 

#1 Best Daytime Fitted Briefs

"These fitted briefs have to be by far the best briefs I have ever worn and I will be wearing them for many more years to come."  

NorthShore™ MegaMax™ Briefs - The Briefs That Keep You Feeling Bold


  • Sizes offered: S-XL (XL size coming in June 2019)

  • Super absorbent brief keeps you dry for 12 hours!

  • Ideal for: extreme bladder and bowel leakage

  • Larger than average tape tabs that prevent sagging when full 

  • Tall elastic waistband in front and back to minimize leaks 

  • Inner leg cuffs and tall leak guards prevent leaks for side sleepers

Best Diaper for Long Term Use

"Having tried numerous adult diapers through the years, I feel that the MegaMax™ is currently the best one available." 

NorthShore™ AirSupreme™ Briefs - The Breathable Brief for the Heaviest Leaks

  • Sizes offered: XS-XL 

  • Ideal for: heavy bladder and bowel leakage 

  • Super soft material that promotes healthy skin

  • Special tabs (adhesive + refastenable material) for multiple fastenings

  • Strong leak guards for enhanced leak protection 

Outstanding Product!

"Love this product!  Tabs can be removed and reattached multiple times. Material is durable and does not tear yet is breathable. Very absorbent."

NorthShore™ AirPremium™ Briefs - The Lightweight Breathable Brief

  • Sizes offered: S-XL

  • Ideal for: moderate bladder and bowel leakage

  • Discreet fit with a soft exterior 

  • 40% less bulky than the NorthShore™ AirSupreme™ Brief

  • Extra wide coverage in the front and rear for any situation

  • Elastics in the rear for a snug, comfortable fit

Very Good Cloth-Like Briefs

"The best cloth backed briefs I've used. The absorbency is very good for the thickness, and I find them to be about right for fairly heavy urge incontinence with sudden voids of 300-400 ml."

Pull-On Absorbent Underwear

NorthShore™ GoSupreme™ Lite Underwear The Dual Coverage Daytime Pull-Up


  • Sizes offered: M-2XL

  • Smaller leg openings for individuals with thinner legs 

  • Comfortable fit with form-fitting elastics

  • Ideal for: moderate bowel and urinary leakage

  • Can be worn during the day and night – depending on the user’s needs 

  • Discreet and lightweight 


"Very good product would buy again. Felt safe going outside and knew that I was protected."

NorthShore™ FlexSupreme™ Lite Underwear- The Daytime Pull-Up for Lighter Leaks 


  • Sizes offered: M-2XL

  • Larger leg openings for individuals with thicker legs and thighs 

  • Ideal for: moderate urinary leakage 

  • Tall leaks guards for added security 

  • A comfortable, flexible waistband that prevents sagging when full 

  • Can be worn during the day or night depending on the user

Awesome features 

"Tried these out and liked them so much that I bought a case. I will definitely be buying these again. Thank you to NorthShore for working so hard to bring the best products to the people that need them the most."  

Don’t settle for what’s available at the drugstore. NorthShore is here to provide you with options this spring. These new adult diapers can help you stay active, comfortable and confident throughout the day and night. Stay active this spring with the best adult diapers available.

Whether you’re looking for a more absorbent brief to wear to sleep or a need a lighter daytime pull-up, NorthShore is here for you. Looking to get samples? Please request samples on our online request form or you can call us directly at (800) 563-0161.

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