NorthShore® AirPremium™ Briefs: Our Most Popular All-Around Adult Diaper


Having options is important, especially for someone with incontinence. Some people may find themselves using one product for overnight protection and another product for daytime use. There's nothing wrong with doing what works, but if there is a popular all-around brief that can be used for both day and night...would you want to try it?

7 Reasons to Try the NorthShore AirPremium Brief

  1. Discreet - Customers give it high ratings for being quiet.

  2. Climate Conscious- With a cloth-like back sheet and breathable side panels, the brief promotes efficient air flow.

  3. Versatile - Absorbency protection for day and/or night.

  4. Comfortable - Unique stitching means the material is soft on the inside and outside.

  5. Great Value - Competitive pricing for a quality product.

  6. Skin Friendly - The breathable exterior allows for air to flow efficiently, which can help prevent skin irritation.

  7. Lightweight - Less bulk with a unique Microsob lining that stays soft and dry.

At NorthShore Care Supply, we offer a variety of products and supplies to help manage incontinence effectively. To request samples, complete the online Sample Request Form or call (800) 563-0161.

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Take a look at the video below and see why you may want to consider AirPremium Briefs!