The ABDL Diaper That Will Make You Feel Like a Princess

What is colored pink, printed with stars, ribbons (and ponies) and is ready for you to wear this summer? Dotty diapers! A pink diaper with cute designs will you feel like a real-life princess! Some abdl diapers are known for their cute prints, some for their absorbency and some for overall fit. What if there was a diaper that had all 3? Dotty the Pony diapers are relatively new to the abdl diaper market and if you haven’t heard about them already, then you should definitely consider them for your next diaper. Here’s why….

Dotty Diaper Features You'll Love

  • Overall charming design-This all pink diaper is designed with whimsical ribbons, stars, and ponies that you can show off at home or at abdl meet up events this year. The fun doesn't stop there! There are also polka dot prints on the tabs that keep the fun going- all around you! Luckily, there is no seasonal aspect to the diaper, it can be used really anytime during the year by people of all ages.
  • Elastic waistband keeps you moving this summer-If you’re going to be out and about and especially at abdl events like West CoastTomkat, or Camp Abdulia then you’ll want to be as comfortable as you can be. The elastic waistband can make the biggest difference when you're playing and sleeping. 
  • The padding is ideal for warm weather – Being hot and sweaty isn’t the most ideal way to spend time outside, especially when wearing an adult diaper. Dotty has just the right amount of padding. Although it’s not the most absorbent diaper available, it definitely one you can wear for a decent amount of time.
  • Long core helps you feel confident – According to reviews by Youtuber, LittleLolikat, this is a diaper that can be used for numerous voids. We can’t claim it will last all night but it is a sturdy diaper! As a bonus, if you are looking to contain bowel movements this diaper can help! There are tall leak guards within the entire length of the core. 
  • Secure tabs – The extra-wide tabs are helpful for giving you a tighter fit for your summertime activities like working out, doing errands or just hanging out with your friends. No one likes flimsy tabs! 

So what is holding you back from buying these cute princess-like diapers? Is it the cost? Try out a 10 pack of our mediums for just $18.99 plus shipping. We ship discreetly too! Purchase dotty diapers here. Are you ready to feel cute, comfortable and padded the best way possible this summer? Look at our complete list of abdl diapers and other incontinence products that include other printed diapers from brands like Crinklz. We also carry poly backed diapers like ConfiDry 24/7 and our own NorthShore™ Supreme™ Brief. We hope you like these pink diapers!