falling leavesDo you currently use adult diapers, pads or liners? Have you noticed yourself feeling uncomfortable when you’re out in public when wearing these incontinence products? In a little over a month, we’ll be getting into fall. Like the leaves change their colors during this season, so do people’s incontinence needs change as well. There are certain signs that mean it's time to change your incontinence product. Let us explain the 6 so you can get into a better product, faster! 

  1. Visible signs of leakage on clothing – Noticeable spots on your clothing and/or underwear.
  2. Overly saturated product (pad, adult diaper, pull-on underwear is visibly wet and overly sagging).
  3. Discomfort when sleeping, standing or sitting with incontinence product – This means the size and fit of your current product are incorrect and you’ll want to re-measure yourself again or chose another style.
  4. Skin irritation/chaffing (typically in the inner thigh area or hip area) – If you’re using adult diapers with tabs then you might not be wearing the right size. Re-measure your hip and waist to see if you’re in the correct size. You shouldn't feel uncomfortable when wearing an incontinence product. 
  5. Irritability or anxiety when using your current product – Your body doesn’t lie to you. Trust it. If you’re constantly worried about leaks or feel anxious when using your product you probably need to consider a new one. 
  6. Decreased sleep – The worry, the constant tossing and turning, and wetness all come together to result in lack of sleep. Your sleep is important to your well-being and shouldn’t be deprived. Make sure to find a product that will allow you to sleep throughout the night and keep you dry.

Other Ways to Find the Best Incontinence Product for Your Needs

You shouldn't have to deal with incontinence products that don't work, repeated leaks or sleepless nights. Get the sleep you deserve, with dry clothes and dry sheets. Have a more relaxed state of mind with the right products. Remember we’re here to help and we’re always happy to do so!