Tranquility Medical Testimonials

Tranquility products are the highest quality absorbent products you can buy, and medical professionals, including physicians, nurses and administrators, agree.  Tranquility products have been Rated #1 by these very same people.  Below are testimonials from some of these professionals.

From An Incontinence Nurse

"I am an incontinence nurse who sees many incontinent men and women in our office each day. Incontinence in general is a very private subject that is difficult to discuss.

"Many men and women are wearing strictly women's menstrual pads due to the lack of knowledge of what's on the market. The biggest complaints from those people are odor and skin breakdown. When I was first introduced to Tranquility products, the thing that impressed me most was their goal for skin care. I was shown exactly how the products work, how much liquid they can hold and how dry the pads remain. Therefore, the skin remains much drier.

"Another great point was odor control. Again, I was shown a synthetic urine, and, when added to the pad, the odor was neutralized.

"I have given patients many samples of various pads and most patients prefer Tranquility. The pad made just for men is the best on the market.

"Overall, Tranquility has the most to offer a variety of people with a variety of needs. I know Tranquility has made a difference for the many incontinent patients I have seen in the office."

Denise Coulter, R.N.
Incontinence Clinician
Toledo, Ohio

From a Urologist

"My partners and I are very pleased with the comfort and confidence Tranquility has given our patients. We haven't found a better product - especially for men."


Daniel M. Murtagh, M.D.
Toledo, Ohio

From a Director of Nursing

"Upon my arrival at the Care center I found that the odor was tremendous. Patients were unhappy and skin care was poor, to say the least. At that time, census was 38, and 23 of those patients had decubitus ulcers, stages three and four. Some residents had multiple wounds and conditions were not good.

"With the initial introduction of the Tranquility line, the odors in the hallways vanished. This, in turn, made visitors, staff and residents very happy. Using the Tranquility briefs and aggressive wound therapies, we had only four wounds remaining when our follow-up state survey arrived. Imagine the surveyors' surprise when they discovered our decube rate had dropped from 60.5% to 10.5%!

"Residents were happier and their quality of life significantly improved by using the briefs. Not only were they drier and odor free, they were having fewer urinary tract infections and brief-related rashes, and spending less time being changed."


Emily Pogue, Director of Nursing
Central Arizona Care Center


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