Tranquility Consumer Testimonials  

A Consumer from Oakland, CA told us:

"In search of a new product to use after my son, a teenager, out grew the over the department store diapers, pull ups, etc. I ran across an ad in the Exceptional Parent Magazine for Tranquility SlimLine Disposable Briefs.  I thought, let's give it a try.  To my surprise they were not bulky as some of the other department store brands for adults.  They also had the wetness indicator which meant no more wasted diapers when I could not tell if the diaper was wet or not.  No more problems with leaking due to the absorption and retention of the Tranquility diapers and because of the Kufgards for protection.  And I like the Tranquility Products because of the odor elimination.  No one could tell that my son had gone to the bathroom because of the smell of urine, it was not there.  I really thought I was getting my money's worth with Tranquility."

"I like the Tranquility Products so well that when my son qualified for free incontinence supplies to be supplied by the State of California, I still purchased Tranquility Products because they do not provide anything that compares with the quality of the Tranquility Products."

We were told by a Consumer in Redmond, WA that...

"While the products that Principle Business Enterprises sells are some of the best in the U.S., I would have to say the best thing about the company is their Customer Service.  As a member of the Incontinence Resource Center, a support site with many active members, I have seen countless posts about people who have written to some of the other companies that make adult incontinence products.  Most of them said they just received form letter replies informing them that they couldn't take user suggestions because of legal matters.  They felt that they were not treated with kindness or respect.  When I wrote to PBE about adding a feature to the ATN briefs, I did not receive a negative letter back.  In fact, I was informed they welcome customer feedback and was given a survey to fill out, along with several valuable coupons.  I also felt like they valued me as a customer by having one Customer Representative work with me.  I definitely recommend Tranquility products because they improve the quality of life for active individuals and are willing to listen to their customers' needs."

A consumer from Athens, GA said:

"I have been purchasing Tranquility adult briefs for several years now.  Over 20 years of using diapers, I found these to be the best I have used.  They hold the wetness away from the body, less leakage and holds more liquid than the others.  I will always need diapers and I will continue to use Tranquility briefs so I can be reassured my son stays dry and comfortable weven when the diaper is wet.  Thank you for a terrific product."

We were happy to hear from a Consumer in Southborough, MA:

"I have tried several sample brands of youth diapers.  I found your product to have a superior fit and the best absorbency of all of the samples I tested."

Lt. Col. John L. Pendergrass from Yuma, Arizona wanted us to know:

"My wife, Roberta, is completely disabled with advanced Parkinson's Disease.  She cannot stand or walk alone.  With the help of two nurse's aides, we take care of her at home where she has her own personal effects and family and friends near her.  For the past four years, chronic incontinence has been a major problem in her care.  We have tried most of the standard brands of fitted briefs (Depends, Attends, Assurance, Serenity).  They all have the same problem: when they get wet they stay wet.  And even if just a little damp, you have to change them and often the bedding, too.  And, in the meantime, the patient is wet and uncomfortable."

However, with the use of your Peach Mat fitted briefs:

  • Instead of changing the wet briefs 7 or 8 times a day, we change the Tranquility briefs about twice.  They are heavy, but the surface next to the patient is dry.
  • Instead of changing wet bed linen 2 or 3 times a day under duress, we change dry linen once a day at our convenience.
  • Instead of getting up 2 or 3 times a night to change wet briefs (and often bed linen, too) I don't get up at all, and my wife, dry and comfortable, sleeps all night without interruption.  The smell of ammonia is gone from the bedroom and diaper rash is a thing of the past.
  • And, in addition, we save money.  Instead of 8 or 10 standard briefs, we use about 4 Peach Mat briefs in a 24 hour period.  We have less work, less laundry and a happier, more comfortable patient.

"I am so impressed with the improvement your Tranquility products have made in my wife's care I want to share this good news with everyone who is dealing with the difficult and frustrating problem of caring for a loved one with incontinence problems."


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