Save 10% on all your Tranquility Orders at NorthShore!!

It's so's how:

NorthShore Care Supply is excited to announce the Tranquility Buyer's Club at NorthShore to our customers!

To show appreciation for loyal users of Tranquility products and to enable those users to realize a special benefit, the following products are eligible for 10% Savings:
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Save 10% on Tranquility at NorthShore All

Follow these steps to realize your 10% Savings:

1) Order Tranquility Products from NorthShore Care Supply
2) Complete the Tranquility Buyer's Club Application Click Here for Online Signup
3) Receive your coupon code for 10% Off Tranquility Products on future purchases
Note: You must enter the assigned coupon code at online checkout or mention over the phone for savings

As a member, you will then be eligible for the 10% savings on Tranquility Products ordered from NorthShore Care Supply whenever you mention the assigned coupon code. This is not a one-time offer and you can take advantage of the savings as long as you purchase Tranquility products at NorthShore Care Supply!
Tranquility Buyer's Club at NorthShore Program Notes:

(1) Savings does not apply to first order. Coupon code is activated for next order after application is received and approved.
(2) Coupon value equal to 10% of the purchase price of Tranquility products and does not apply to any delivery charges or other products ordered at the same time.
(3) Contact NorthShore Care Supply at 800-563-0161 or with any questions.
(4) NorthShore Care Supply does not participate in Tranquility's TACT program. Contact Tranquility at 800-467-3224 for any questions regarding their TACT program.
(5) This program is subject to change at the sole discretion of NorthShore Care Supply.

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