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    Incontinence Products > Resources > Diaper Dermatitis

     “There's no question that using high performance incontinence supplies that wick moisture away from the skin in just seconds is a win-win all the way around. They allow the patient and caregiver to sleep through the night, cut down on skin breakdown and infections, reduce linen changes and cost less due to needing fewer products.”
   - Adam Greenberg, President of NorthShore Care Supply


Incontinence Associated Diaper Dermatitis


      Incontinence Associated Dermatitis affects all ages, races and genders and is the result of prolonged exposure to moisture from urine, feces and perspiration. The first signs of this condition are redness and inflammation in the buttock or peri area. Prolonged wetness can lead to a loss of layers of skin which can eventually lead to a skin sore.

      A pressure ulcer is a localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue most commonly over a bony area in combination with shear and friction. When the skin barrier becomes compromised from the exposure of urine and or feces for an increased period of time, maceration will occur. As a result, these changes in the skin will increase the coefficient friction of the skin making it much more susceptible to damage. The damaged skin, especially in the area of bony prominences, continues to break down with prolonged pressure.

      Aging skin is particularly vulnerable to moisture related damage and pressure ulcers due to physical changes. The skin actually becomes drier, thinner and more fragile and friction related tearing becomes common. As a result, many individuals will be placed either in a nursing home or even hospitalized to care for these wounds.

      It is critical that individuals dealing with incontinence understand the importance of maintaining healthy skin. To prevent Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (Diaper Dermatitis) which can lead to a full blown pressure ulcer within 5 days, it's important to keep the skin dry and protected. Along with an effective skin care protocol such as proper cleansing, the use of a high performance incontinent product is key.

      Tranquility®, super absorbent products, guarantees to keep the skin dry even after several voids. With this high performing product, an individual can avoid frequent changes and have better skin outcomes as the structure of the product wicks the fluid away from the skin. Pulling moisture away from the skin will support skin health and prevent unnecessary sores and wounds. Also, because the product can be worn for longer periods of time, individuals can live a normal social life along with uninterrupted sleep cycles at night.

      A study was conducted last year in a skilled nursing facility involving 25 incontinent individuals with the objective of showing the difference between a low performance brief vs. a high performance brief on skin barrier. The conclusion shows that the construction of an incontinent product can profoundly impact skin barrier.

by Judy Borcherdt, RN, BSN.

©2012  Principle Business Enterprises, Inc., the makers of Tranquility® & Select® brand incontinence products.

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