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Belted Undergarments


   Belted undergarments are commonly used when heavier protection is needed than a light bladder leakage pad can provide. They consist of a front to back absorbent pad with holes to connect belts in both front and back. These are more open on the sides than pull-on style underwear and are easier to put on for those with limited dexterity in their feet. They also offer the flexibity of changing while standing without removing pants or shoes. These will not be an ideal solution for side-sleepers or when very high absorbency is needed, although a booster pad can be used to increase capacity.
Moderate Protection to Heavy Protection
Select Belted Undergarments
Tranquility Belted Undergarments
Tena Flex Refastenable Briefs
Select Belted Undergarments
w/ Button Straps
Tranquility Belted Undergarments
w/ Velcro Straps
Tena Flex
Refastenable Briefs
Features button straps similar to Depend, but provides added absorbency, more comfortable side straps and a much lower price.
The most absorbent belted undergarment available features adjustable velcro side straps for a better fit than other brands.
Soft velcro belted straps preattached in the rear; much easier to take on and off. Maxi absorbency w/ leakguards and elastic in waist to keep close to body.
Absorbency: 13 oz.
Stretchable elastic with buttons
3 pairs per 30 pads
Fits Waists/Hips:
Comfortably: 30” to 64”
Max Stretch: Up to 69”
Absorbency: 18 oz.
Adjustable velcro
2 sizes, sold separately
Fits Waists/Hips:
Regular Size:  Up to 58”
Flextenders: Waists 58” to 78”
Absorbency: 20 oz.
24” - 34”
28” - 42”
33” - 50”
41” - 61”

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